78 Quotes of Sasha Velour

” I’ve loved the RuPaul model of drag, where you’re an amazing drag queen, you’re a smart and savvy business person, and you use those together to keep drag at the forefront of what people are talking about. “
” Uniformity is not very interesting or sustainable – it’s boring. “
” For me, my greatest weakness is also my greatest strength: I’m a complete overthinker about everything. “
” When I started doing drag, I always put together multimedia elements for live performance. “
” As a drag performer, my identity exists in music, art, and fashion, not in any one ‘language’ of gender or ‘appearance.’ “
” I think sometimes you have to imagine a fantasy world in which we are represented and visible the way we should be. “
” Trans women, trans men, AFAB – which is assigned female at birth – and non-binary performers, but especially trans women of color, have been doing drag for literal centuries and deserve to be equally represented and celebrated alongside cis men. “
” Drag is literally so ancient that it predates modern understanding of gender, of transness, of queerness. Drag predates modern ideas of gender, of theater at all. Drag predates the word ‘drag’ itself. “
” From the second there was drag, trans people were doing it. And when cis women started being allowed in theaters, then cis women doing drag was part of theater. “
” My favorite thing about drag is taking one idea and flipping it on its head entirely. “
” The truth is, a lot of people go to drag shows, really, for very light entertainment, and I think sometimes maybe we don’t even give the audiences enough credit as to what they’d be down for. “
” The way I’ve always looked at drag has been a little bit different maybe than other people because the drag community that I started doing drag in is full of trans people and women and people of various educational backgrounds, of different ages. “
” People started bringing their own personal work to ‘Nightgowns,’ and that’s really when it started to become a really distinctive show. “
” Everyone is welcome in drag. Everyone is important and valuable. “
” I’m certainly not inventing anything new with drag. “
” I’d like to see drag really cultivate its political roots. “
” ‘Drag Race’ has made a lot more people into fans of drag, and that’s allowed local communities to grow and flourish, but it’s up to individual queens to share the spotlight with their communities. I definitely want to be one of the people who does that. “
” I love hearing the same songs over and over again – as long as queens challenge themselves to come up with new ways of performing them. “
” To costume yourself in the way that you fantasize, to make that a reality, and then to go right into the universe looking like an exceptional being takes a lot of courage. “
” My favorite diva is Dame Shirley Bassey from the U.K. I just love that every song she sings becomes crazy and intense with feeling. That’s how I feel in my daily life. “
” I’d say my fashion or beauty tip is to take the thing about you that makes you most distinctive and then exaggerate it. So if you have a little bushy unibrow, make it a dramatic unibrow. If you’re balding, go completely bald. “
” I’ve found that embracing the things that make me a little strange and different from other people, and learning to love that, makes me feel beautiful and fashionable every day. “
” Just in my experience as a drag queen, I’ve been able to connect with queer people around the world – and to see them connecting with each other over a shared love of drag! “
” I hope we see more avenues for representation. More TV shows and films starring queer people, especially QPOC and nonbinary folks, more mainstream press coverage of our artwork and fashion, and more representation of our interests within politics. “
” The cities that I go to where I can tell that they have a lot of different types of drag, I tell them that they remind me of Brooklyn, and I mean that as the highest compliment in the entire world. “
” I want to be an ambassador of Brooklyn. “
” I hope that people look at Brooklyn as kind of a drag utopia, because that’s what it’s been in my experience – all genders and bodies and ages doing drag. “
” People are so serious about ourselves, and drag suggests that maybe it’s all just a bunch of ideas, and we can be a little bit more flexible with them. “
” There are so many voices that tell people, especially queer people, that they don’t have importance and regality. “
” Drag is about asserting your power and your brilliance and your importance. “
” Absolutely anyone can and must do drag. “
” Taking care of your mental health is important, and being able to model that for queer people who are out there every day dealing with their own struggles is very significant. “
” Drag performance is really emotional. “
” I’m an only child; I’m a very private person. “
” Queer art is as much about starting conversations as it is about making dramatic statements. “
” A superstar doesn’t just use the spotlight for themselves. “
” I have an art magazine about drag called ‘Velour,’ named after myself, and I have a monthly show called ‘Nightgowns’ that curates and presents some of the most creative and high-quality drag in a professional theater setting. “
” I want to follow in RuPaul’s footsteps, which is that combination of not just personal stardom but to really transform myself into a producer of drag. That’s the way to make a lasting impact on the world of drag and… to make actual differences in the queer community. I think there’s no better model for that than RuPaul. “
” Everyone who passes through ‘Drag Race,’ and especially the people who are able to have really big careers after the show, has a responsibility to the queer community to do a good job of representing queer people across the board to be kind and loving. “
” The audience of ‘Drag Race’ and the fans of drag queens are often very surprising. “
” It’s so beautiful that drag is able to speak to so many different types of people. “
” Racism is a problem everywhere, especially in this country, but all over the world, and especially within queer space. “
” I think Bianca Del Rio should be in politics. “
” I want to see some queer politicians, some drag queens and drag kings running for office and shifting the way that policy is made as well. “
” Drag has always inspired people to come together to be joyous and fight for what matters. If we can do it through beauty and positivity and lip-syncing our favorite pop songs, then let’s do it. “
” Purple has always been my favorite color… but purple, when I was a little kid, was a color that boys weren’t really allowed to wear. That’s what all the kids at school told me. I filled my wardrobe with as much purple as I could possibly find, because who cares? Life’s too short to dress by other people’s rules. “
” Unfortunately, this world is not an easy place. “
” I love ‘Threepenny Opera’; I was exposed to it as a little kid because my parents, my mom and my dad, had bonded, when they were dating, over ‘Threepenny Opera’ and introduced it to me, a child, who could barely understand it. But I immediately gravitated even from that early age. “
” What I love so much about drag is that it has politics at its very core; drag performers aren’t afraid to talk about politics in our community and the changes we need to see systemically in society. “
” The political nature of ‘Threepenny Opera’ is immediately visible. I just think that that’s not always a part of acceptable and fun entertainment that we’re exposed to – that political side. “
” That’s what I wanted ‘Pirate Jenny’ to be: a queer, revolutionary fairy tale for the people that I love. “
” The truth is I do take drag really seriously, and I think that there’s kind of a place for that – to see it as this political and historical art form, and to want to continue pushing it in new directions. And also honor the old directions as well. So I’m sort of like a drag intellectual/drag queen. “
” I went to Vassar College for undergraduate and studied literature and queer theory, and all of the above. And then I took a Fulbright scholarship in Russia. “
” Right when I was starting to experiment with drag, my mom was diagnosed with cancer, and during her chemo treatment, she lost all of her hair. And for her, the idea of being a fem with no hair was really difficult. “
” We need to talk about representation for queer people in the media and also in law. And there’s a long history of drag queens leading those discussions in marches on the street and even in bars going back to the time of Stonewall and before. “
” I try to write an essay every time I speak. “
” Drag resists conservatism in the most basic way possible, and also in the most effective way possible, because it’s improper when it comes to looks, which is everything in conservative systems. “
” Conservatism is all about surfaces and labels and presentation, and drag says no, we refuse to follow any rules about that. “
” People are really seeing that drag is an art form, that it’s so much more than self-expression. “
” There are no limits to what kind of bodies, which types of people, which genders, or what races can do amazing drag, and I think the audience is clamoring fighting with each other more and more to see drag represented as fully as it possibly can be. “
” Pride, to me, is a celebration of the past because we have come such a long way from the very first Pride parade marking the anniversary of the Stonewall riots, so it’s a celebration of all that we’ve accomplished. “
” When I was in high school, I used to beg my teachers to let me create films and plays instead of writing essays. I think they were at least happy I was excited about school. “
” Even if I hadn’t won ‘Drag Race,’ even if I’d never been on, I’d still be working my tail off, creating live shows, magazines, videos, anything I possibly could! “
” At the end of the day, I just love drag so much that it’s not enough for me to be a successful drag queen. I want to do right by my drag community as a whole… creating opportunities for other performers, documenting and uplifting amazing drag, and generally just contributing a lot of love and respect to our fabulous little world! “
” There are some amazing people around who can tell stories about drag from the ’60s and in New York, like the amazing club kid drag. About drag from around the world. So people should be asking questions and listening to stories. “
” We still live in a country where there’s disproportionate violence faced by our community, especially trans people and trans people of color. I think activism within the queer community continues to need to focus on those issues first. “
” I’ve learned that I am a complete workaholic and that no amount of sleeplessness or exhaustion will keep me from taking on new or ambitious projects. That is both a good quality and a terrible one, I think. “
” I love biting off way more than I can chew, and that’s a great motivator because it forces me to rise to the occasion. “
” ‘Drag Race’ really offered me a platform to have a lot of people listen to what I have to show them, and I want to showcase the whole community I know. “
” I love that drag is political. For me, one of the reasons I started doing drag was reading about how in the past, drag performers were able to organize the queer community and move us forward. “
” Siouxsie Sioux was such an inspiration when I was a teenager because I connected with these goth college students who listened to this genre of music. She showed me that femininity didn’t necessarily have to look the way that I was familiar with. It could be more exciting and much more identifiable. “
” My own experience of gender has been about a lot of fluidity. In drag, I like to combine aspects of masculinity and femininity and rewrite the rules for those. “
” Even though I present myself at the height of glamour and beauty, part of my truth is being desperate and emotional and unafraid of being unattractive. “
” I like a little Barbra Streisand! “
” I love being kind of reserved and serious and then having these explosions of passion when it comes time to perform. “
” I’ve always wanted to play a role as a producer and a curator and to help make drag really have an epic scale and a large audience and a lot of interest. “
” I’ve always been committed to tuning out the trends of drag and doing styles and fashions and performances that are really true to what I love, to the movie references I’ve always loved, fashion that speaks to me for whatever reason – no matter what people say. “
” Identity for Jews like us was shaped by cultural practices and family traditions rather than allegiances of place or language or class, because those things continued to be redefined for us. Drag operates along similar lines. “