78 Quotes of Craig Robinson

” I’m a Scorpio. I have different mood swings. “
” Doing voiceover is so much fun because you can play with the lines as much as you want. You can put a whole bunch of energy into it, jump up and down, whatever you got to do. “
” It’s a farmers market. You can get whatever – peaches, a sandwich. There might be a little band there. I’d sit in with the band. Yeah, that’s what I would do. Sit in with the band at the farmers market. Sing a couple of songs, eat a peach, and hug people. “
” I got mad love for hot tubs. “
” That’s the most gratifying thing in the world, helping each other. “
” People do ask me for advice for some reason. And I’ll just kind of pose it back to them and let them answer on their own. I never like to give my advice ’cause I don’t want them to come back and ‘You were wrong! You ruined my life!’ so it’s more about ‘Hey, this is what you just told me. What does that sound like to you?’ “
” Even in comedy, you have to be real. It’s all about being real. It’s how real can you be? That’s the challenge. How much are you willing to take on for your character? “
” I’m a band leader and substitute teacher, and then one day they bring me into a music class, and I’m like, ‘Wait a minute, I know this stuff.’ And the principal is like, ‘Just throw the video in and call it a day,’ and I’m like, ‘That’s not good enough. I want these kids to know what it’s like to have a gig and all that kind of stuff.’ “
” Look at the laws: you can’t spank a kid without getting in trouble. That kept me in line! “
” I understand the importance of mentorship for young people, even outside their parents. That’s more important now than ever. You gotta have that support system everywhere you can. “
” I was in a TV show called ‘Lucky’ on FX. The casting director from ‘Lucky’ was casting ‘Dragon Wars’. She called me in to meet with the producer and audition, and I got it from there. “
” I think Carrot Top is hilarious. “
” I’ve seen some beyond-amazing performers do karaoke who should be on stage somewhere, and I’ve seen people who you rather didn’t enter the bar. That’s the beautiful thing about it; it’s for everybody. “
” I’m focused on the work. And now I’ve done ‘Morris’ and ‘Mr. Robot,’ my appetite is whet to go deeper. It’s fun, and it’s challenging, and it stretches me. I’m not saying I’m done with comedy by any stretch of the imagination. I’m saying, yeah, let’s see how deep the rabbit hole goes. “
” Coming up with comedy is hard, man. Those bits aren’t easy to think of! “
” My whole life, people have been like, ‘I don’t know if you’re playing or serious.’ “
” Comedy chose me. “
” Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been silly. “
” I grew up on the South Side of Chicago, north Beverly. It was cool, everybody’s cool on the block. “
” I hear a lot of girls say, ‘I can be myself around you,’ and I’m always thinking, ‘Who are you when you’re with somebody else?’ “
” I grew up in church, so every time I say certain words, I’m like, ‘I’m going to get in trouble.’ “
” It’s always nice to do a family movie, because I do a lot of R-rated stuff. “
” I’m a performer. “
” When I start thinking about a role, I read the script a few times and then let it sink in – and then take some time to develop how that character is going to play out and what he’s going to do. “
” As a comic and as an actor, I think you’ve got to be partially crazy. “
” Nothing is guaranteed. “
” There’s a couple of movie parts that I can’t remember. There was always something kind of lurking, because when ‘The Office’ started, I wasn’t a regular. You’re a guest star, so they don’t really need you. They didn’t say that, but I’ve seen the show – with or without me, it’s still funny. “
” I’m Mr. Grits. One of the non-perishables. “
” Who knows if I would get to do ‘Mr. Robot’ if I was on ‘Mr. Robinson?’ “
” I was approached by my agent, who said they were interested in me for ‘Mr. Robot’. Then I binge-watched the show, and I was like, ‘Uh, I would like this. Show me how I’m gonna fit in there, but yeah, I would love it.’ “
” I probably have more words to say in ‘Mr. Robot’ than I’ve had in my entire career put together. “
” My first time in Germany. We started off in Heidelberg, which is this quaint, nice town. The Germans, they shoot just like the Americans, except for, if it’s a 10-hour day, they’re leaving at 5. You don’t go to 5:30, 6, 7. No. And then we had a fest for everything. “
” Comedy prepared me for drama. There are a couple techniques you can think of. One of my acting teachers said that comedy is like ping-pong, and drama is tennis. You take things a bit slower, so you do get to breathe more and take some more time. “
” I’m just looking at Twitter like, ‘Ooooooo.’ No, I don’t engage, but it’s great. There’s so many avenues to get your entertainment on; you’ve got so many people invested in this. I love it. “
” Jason Behr and Amanda Brooks were cool to work with. Jason and I are fast friends to this day. “
” My main goal is to connect with the crowd. I leave room for improv. Whatever happens, happens. When I bring my band with me, it turns into the Craig Robinson comedy dance party. “
” Comedy chose me. I always had this urge to be silly that I couldn’t control. I remember my father having me read ‘The Three Little Pigs’ to him, and I would improv all around the story, like when one pig’s house got blown over, he put on his gym shoes and took off. “
” I was in my early twenties. I was 22-ish. I graduated from college and went right into teaching. The first year, I taught in Indiana at a couple schools, and then I moved over to Chicago. “
” A music teacher. It was in the inner city at a school called Horace Mann. I think I was most effective when the kids pissed me off. “
” My mother is a retired music teacher. She taught me in high school, and she would take us and put us in these madrigal groups. We would go to a museum or whatever and just perform. “
” If you’re going to be the lead, you better be ready to always be working. “
” Always wanted to go to Germany‚Ķ probably one of my top ten. “
” I worked with Tyler before on ‘Daddy’s Little Girls’. He couldn’t be smarter or more laid back and cool. He’s always throwing out lines and is funny as hell. And he was shining his light on ‘Peeples’, too, lending his name to showcase Tina as a first-time director, and me as a first-time lead. “
” I have a sound. It’s called ‘funk mixed with stank.’ That’s what I do. “
” ‘Peeples’ is definitely not ‘Meet the Parents’. It’s more a movie about family secrets. It does explore class issues somewhat, but it’s mostly about living your own truth. “
” Banging on the piano while my grandmother was watching me. I’d run up to her and ask: ‘How was that, Grandma?’ And she’d say, ‘That was beautiful, baby!’ And I’d run back to the piano and play some more. I’m sure that’s why I still play today, because I was encouraged from such a young age, 2 or 3. “
” I think fans are going to get everything you’d expect from ‘The Office’, from awkwardness, to a lot of humor and heart. “
” I do – I do enjoy a good rom-com here and there. Would ‘A Fish Called Wanda’ be a rom-com? “
” I’m a performer. I do comedy and music, and I blend them together. My band is ‘Nasty Delicious!’. “
” I’m starring in the ‘New Adventures of Voltron’. I play Voltron. “
” That’s when I’m at my rawest. When I’m performing with the band. It’s just like the groove is going, whether we’re fast or slow, I can just transport myself. “
” In acting, you get to that place where it’s serene, where you just feel it. I’m glad to be doing the drama because you can kind of take your time more and let a moment live more. “
” Music is in everything I do. “
” I went to the Heidelburg Castle, a 1200-year-old castle, looked around. It was pretty awesome, but you know, they’ve got a coffee shop in there, and they have some sections closed off. I wanted to see the part where they tortured people, but it was cool, though. “
” It’s good to do something different than the subtleties of ‘The Office’ all the time. “
” A bunch of comedians have gotten in ‘trouble’ for sharing their views. When an actor or an artist or might come out saying something political or whatever, then it becomes about that view. “
” Nick Swardson used to have birthday paint parties. They were phenomenal. “
” You’ve got to talk to your kids as both a parent and a friend. “
” We even did a re-imagining of ‘Spider-Man’ that James Franco starred in that didn’t make it into ‘This Is The End’. That didn’t make the final cut, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it made the DVD. “
” You know Seth and Evan, they were lead writers for ‘Pineapple Express’, and they are great at mixing things up. Taking different genres and mish-mashing them up to create something dynamically new. They’ll throw comedy at you, but with a dash of horror and fright that is supposed to make you shocked and scared. “
” I think I, and the audience, would enjoy a kissing scene with me and Rihanna. That would’ve been cool for me to see, rehearse, practice, and all that. Me and Rihanna. “
” It’s funny to see how people react to the project, to read their thoughts, and I wonder aloud, ‘Did they even watch the movie? Did they even get it?’ I know we, myself and the entire cast, put a lot of heart, love and humor into ‘Meet the Peeples’. I’m very proud of that film and what we were able to accomplish. “
” Anything to do with ‘The Office’ I would revisit. “
” I have a phrase I say: ‘What the damn?’ It’s my favorite. It just came to me one day. “
” My father tried to discourage me from going into comedy, mainly because he felt like it wasn’t promising. It was pie in the sky. “
” My parents did the whole good-cop/bad-cop thing – Dad was the bad cop, and Mom was the good cop. I remember my father saying, ‘I’m his father, not his friend.’ That kind of stuck with me. “
” Being on ‘The Office’ prepared me for drama. Comedy got me ready, but once you get down to it, they’re two sides of the same thing. I mean, the delivery has to be different – in drama, there’s more time to breathe, and comedy’s all about hitting the joke. “
” I never wanted to do just one thing. There’s even other things in comedy that I want to do. For me, it’s always been that I have to have the vision first. “
” I got a call from my manager saying, ‘Howie Mandel wants to talk to you.’ And I’m a comic – big fan of all he’s done. He was pitching me ‘Caraoke Showdown’, and I was just excited about it. “
” I have done my share of karaoke. There is a karaoke place right around the corner from me, and I have been there maybe 800 of 1,000 days I’ve been in L.A. A lot of songs I know now because of that place. I dig karaoke and have fun with it. “
” I love the deadpan. It’s such a strong go-to. It lets the audience make their own decisions about what you’re thinking. “
” There’s something about seeing somebody who thinks they’re great and is so wrapped up in their moves, voice, and performance that makes it so wonderfully charming that you can’t take your eyes off. That’s why we all remember William Hung from those first years of ‘American Idol. It’s the William Hung effect. “
” The thing that makes you a good ‘Caraoke Showdown’ singer is you gotta have some knowledge of these songs. You gotta be ready to attack. You gotta shut your brain off and just go. “
” I can bring a crowd down. There should be a contest for that. “
” The end of 2016, Mariah Carey got on stage, and it was mean. The technical difficulties that she came across, now everybody think that she was lost. “
” I love hip-hop, but hip-hop is a way of life. “
” I so respect Sundance. I’d been hearing about it for years. “
” I think I said something mean when I was little, and my mother snapped on me. I was just like, ‘I’m sorry!’ I could relate. If I had cursed out my dad, I probably would be just waking up. “