78 Political Quotes of Trent Franks

” My smile will always be broken, but I’ll always be grateful for the chance to get to do what I get to do. “
” The last thing I saw Gabrielle Giffords do on the floor of the House of Representatives was to line up like the rest of us and read a part of the Constitution. And unbeknownst to her, when she got to the well, her part was the First Amendment. “
” Weakness is provocative. “
” If Iran gains a nuclear weapon, we will need a new calendar in the world – it would change humanity that much. Iran will give these weapons to terrorists the world over, and your children and mine will step into the shadow of nuclear terrorism. “
” The Muslim Brotherhood has decades of violent history covertly operating in the United States and is recognized by experts as having 100 times more active members than Al-Qaeda. “
” Once in a while, a person finds his humanity in a way that astounds his contemporaries. “
” I wholeheartedly believe that Andy Biggs is the right man to take up the legacy that Matt Salmon is leaving behind. I have worked with Andy for a number of years, and I have been impressed by his commitment to the Constitution and the principles of conservatism. “
” Barack Obama could solve this problem and get the birthers to back off… by showing his long form birth certificate. “
” It is my sincere hope that every person in India will experience true freedom of faith, regardless of religion. “
” On the Republican Party platform and the major issues of the Republican Party, Charlie Dent is significantly removed from those foundational principles in his voting record. “
” I think if you hearken back to partial-birth abortion… everybody said, you know, it’s not constitutional. It can’t pass; it can’t go anywhere, and it took time to do that, and it even had to succeed a presidential veto. But it eventually did. “
” In a genuinely conservative district like mine, it’s hard to out-Republican me. “
” Open Society Foundations is essentially another name for George Soros, who is a committed leftist, one-world-government ideologue. “
” Much to Mr. Obama’s chagrin, ours is not a government run by fiat. The American people have shown quite clearly that they will not simply roll over while this administration seeks to undercut our founding principles in pursuit of its preferred European model of government. “
” We must carefully examine regulations that could threaten the state of Arizona’s water and power supply. “
” If U.S. focuses on truth and justice, we’ll realize that Israel has been there for 3,000 years – the same language, the same people, the same culture for 3,000 years – and it’s always astonishing to me that we somehow now think that they’re the occupiers. “
” My priorities? Assisting our allies, the Kurds, in their fight against ISIS. “
” I am both astonished and honored beyond expression to be chosen as your 2011 Christian Statesman of the Year. “
” The truest statesmanship to which any feeble mortal can ever aspire is the sincere effort to apply the Savior’s principles to human government. “
” As we consider the shared values of the U.S. and India, due attention to the fundamental human right of religious freedom is of the utmost importance. “
” Religious minority communities in India have endured incidents of harassment, discrimination, intimidation and violent attacks for decades, often with little hope for justice. “
” The United States Constitution does not one time even mention marriage. It neither requires Congress or the states to adopt same-sex marriage laws nor does it forbid them from maintaining traditional marriage laws. “
” If someone came into my home and wanted to arrest me for murder, that would be far less traumatizing to me than someone coming in and taking my 7-year-old twins. “
” Donald Trump has not always been pro-life, and I hope that his conversion is complete. “
” At present, it’s not really clear who is in charge of protecting the nation from solar and nuclear EMP. “
” Our focus should be on the more than 70 cures and treatments that have been successfully produced from other forms of stem cell research that do not destroy a human life. “
” President Shimon Peres has embodied a commitment to the mutual values shared by the United States and Israel – values that include the preservation of life, faith, family and freedom. “
” I will tell you that my position is that funding bills should include as little money for Obamacare as possible. “
” Mr. Gingrich has a number of elements in his record that could be criticized accurately. But to suggest that he was somehow anti-Reagan or to suggest that Reagan was anti-Gingrich is preposterously untrue. “
” Sometimes we have to take measures to protect the innocent that we do not like. Severe interrogations are sometimes part of doing that. “
” I always want to make sure we protect our soldiers’ pay if there is a shutdown of any kind. “
” I think that the important thing to consider here – Hubert Humphrey said that a society is measured by how he treats those in the dawn of life, those in the shadows of life, and those in the twilight of life. And it is true that Terri Schiavo lives among us in the shadows of life, but she is not brain dead. She feels pain. “
” Every U.S. citizen should have the assurance that the U.S. government will come vigorously to their defense in a time of need, especially when they are unjustly tried in a foreign country. “
” At the very least, Secretary Clinton should publicly call for the unequivocal release of Saeed Abedini. “
” Class-action lawsuits should allow those with serious injuries to have their own day in court. The Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act would do just that. “
” Of all government expenditures, defense spending is the… most stimulative to the economy. “
” I think cutting our defense capacity not only demonstrably diminishes our national security, but it has a tremendous negative impact in the long run on our economy because we end up having to fight wars and clean up after terrorist disasters. “
” We simply have never been able to predict what our next challenge will be. “
” A big goal of the liberal Democrats in Congress is to try to do away with any effective cooperation to enforce federal immigration laws. “
” When you don’t have a voice like Michele Bachmann’s, who personifies all of the good things that the Tea Party has come to mean to America, then it’s more difficult to have any sort of unified or representative message with the same profile in the media. “
” The franking commission is not there to fact-check. “
” I would want THAAD outside in our backyard, if we could get the military to put one there, because I believe it will be a protection to my children and no danger to them. “
” The notion that the levels of radiation would be damaging to human life is preposterous. It’s simply not true. It is a political claim more than it is a scientific claim. THAAD has been a thoroughly tested system, and it has been extremely effective. “
” I hope I say this the right way, but I’m convinced that Israel will not trust other countries to do what they have to do to protect their own security. “
” America has some capabilities that Israel doesn’t have. And Israel cannot place their security in the hands of Barack Obama; they can’t do it. “
” I believe if Mr. Obama is reelected, and Israel somehow is unable to interdict the Iranian nation from gaining nuclear weapons themselves, this administration unfortunately, I’m afraid, will allow Iran to gain a nuclear weapon and then pursue what they believe would be the traditional policy of containment. “
” A bad deal with Iran on nuclear weapons is worse than no deal at all. “
” If we can employ free market principles, we can help everyone. “
” The Muslim Brotherhood membership includes designated terrorist organizations like Hamas. “
” The Obama Justice Department has decided to cease the prosecution of the Muslim Brotherhood’s U.S.-based front groups, identified as unindicted coconspirators in the Holy Land Foundation case – the largest terrorism finance case in U.S. history. “
” The Muslim Brotherhood’s declaration of war against the United States is real, and the Obama Administration is again asleep at the wheel, continuing a policy of self-destruction. “
” My deepest desire is to do the thing that is first and foremost just. “
” What if we move to a path to legalization? How do we reconcile that with justice and fairness with those that come here legally? “
” If lenders are forced to scale back student lending because private student loans are subject to bankruptcy discharge, many students will be denied access to higher education. “
” An EMP attack on America would send us back to the horse and buggy era – without the horse and buggy. If you’re a terrorist, this is your ultimate goal, your ultimate asymmetric weapon. “
” Nuclear missiles don’t discriminate on party lines when they land. “
” False Claims Act violators who self-report generally receive the same penalties and face the same damages as those who are caught. I think this makes very little sense. “
” The administration has taken its inexcusable apathy a step further, declaring that even abiding by the few token sanctions in place isn’t truly necessary, as evidenced by the now 20 countries to which the Obama administration has granted waivers to continue doing business with Iran. “
” Pakistan has done some really terrible things, and yet they also have facilitated our military capabilities in ways that are critical to our country. “
” I’m a big defense hawk and a big fiscal conservative, but in this case, Pakistan continues to imprison the man who gave us Osama bin Laden and continue to have a major ideological bent within the middle echelons of their government that, I think, should cause all of us pause given the size and nature of their nuclear arsenal. “
” The president and the administration had a duty to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, but powerful constituencies of the president did not want the president to defend it. And unfortunately, politics trumped duty. “
” Wil Cardon understands what Arizona needs in Washington. He is committed to getting our economy back on track, upholding our country’s rule of law, and looking out for Arizona families. “
” My district is well-acquainted with my commitment to protecting innocent human life. “
” The Constitution gives the Congress absolute authority within the District of Columbia on any legislative issues whatsoever. “
” When the Left doesn’t want to make abortion the issue, they say you’re being against minorities. “
” Businesses – we protect our businesses with the guns, our banks, our money. We protect politicians with guns. “
” When it comes to our children, the most precious treasure God ever gives us, we protect them with a little sign that says, ‘No guns allowed.’ “
” I have nothing but the greatest respect and affection for Kevin McCarthy. “
” I think Paul Ryan would make a great speaker. And people like him are the kinds of people that we need. “
” If Donald Trump is our nominee, I don’t think that he represents the best our party has to offer either in temperament or qualification, and I think he’s the weakest candidate that is in the race at this point in terms of the general election, and that to nominate him is to give Hillary Clinton a much better chance of being president. “
” The people still get to choose whether they want to support conservatives or if they want to support Mr. Trump, whose record is not conservative. “
” The reality is for 50 years in this country, federal law has required people that are illegal – or that are immigrants – or that are legal immigrants to this country to carry documentation to that effect. And that has been the law for 50 years. “
” My own wife is from the Philippines and came here legally to this country, and there are a lot of people that want to be part of this nation, and I want them to be part of this nation. “
” Either the Obamacare is a dead letter, or the origination clause is; we can’t have both. “
” The comment that I’ve made is that if unaccompanied minors can cross the border, then certainly trained terrorists probably can, too. “
” If we have to do enhanced interrogation on terrorists, then I can live with that. “
” I so respect Sen. McCain’s service to this country, and no one certainly knows more about torture than he does, and so I recognize that. “
” The American public should know that the Senate report actually reveals that 82% of detainees subjected to enhanced interrogation did, in fact, produce intelligence that saved American lives. “