78 Political Quotes of Sadiq Khan

” If you’re someone who doesn’t have Muslim friends, and your only experience of Islam is what you see on the news – the angry man with a beard doing or saying something terrible – then you may inadvertently associate that with Islam and think that is what it’s all about. “
” People end up on the street for many different reasons – leaving care or hospital, problems with debt, unemployment, mental health, family breakup – and so the help they need is varied, too. “
” Letting people out of prison without professional staff to oversee their rehabilitation is irresponsible. “
” A duty to the public must be to stop prisoners reoffending through successful rehabilitation. “
” We should celebrate when optimism and hard work triumph over cynicism, lethargy, and fatalism. “
” As someone who lives with adult-onset asthma, I know how bad air quality in the capital has become. I want to be the greenest mayor London has ever had – it is not acceptable that 10,000 people die in London every year because our air is so filthy. “
” I think Bill de Blasio is doing interesting housing stuff in New York, Rahm Emanuel is doing interesting stuff with the infrastructure bank in Chicago. I want to go to America to meet with and engage with American mayors. “
” Everyone – regardless of their background, wealth, race, faith, gender, sexual orientation or age – should be able to fulfil their potential and succeed. “
” Education is important even beyond the bounds of the opportunities it gives to the individual; it is a crucial and basic requirement for ensuring effective democracy and human rights. “
” Change is hard and requires constant struggle and determination. “
” It’s too easy to dismiss Donald Trump as a buffoon – to point and laugh at a man whose worldview is as ridiculous as his hairdo. But to do so is to make light of a very serious threat. “
” As the mayor of London, my highest priority is keeping Londoners and visitors to our city safe from harm. “
” Victims of crime and the wider community deserve a grown-up debate on our criminal justice system and how we can make it work – for those within it and for those it protects. “
” Major miscarriages of justice have occurred because of the absence of proper legal representation. “
” Probation is a less-well-known branch of our justice system, compared with, say, police and prisons, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Hundreds of thousands of offenders each year are rehabilitated back into society by probation, which is crucial for the public’s safety. “
” The 19th century was the century of empires, the 20th was the century of nation states, and the 21st is the century of cities and mayors. “
” Of course I am partisan in my politics, but my partisanship is rational – which, in my book, is not necessarily oxymoronic. “
” Voting, for me, has always been a family affair. “
” I value loyalty and believe that internal disagreements shouldn’t be voiced in the media – because divided parties lose elections. “
” For too long, some lazy politicians have engaged leaders of Muslim communities as a shortcut to engaging disenfranchised Muslim citizens. “
” There is no manual on how to run a global city like London. But I’m hugely proud of what we’ve been able to achieve in just the first year. “
” I am proud that London is a city where, the vast majority of the time, Jewish people, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, those who are not members of an organized faith, black, white, rich, young, gay, lesbian – don’t simply tolerate each other but respect, embrace, and celebrate each other. “
” I’m a proud Londoner, a Brit, European, of Pakistani heritage, a Muslim – we all have multiple layers of identity – that’s what makes us who we are. “
” The best way for people to understand each other’s faith is to share experiences. “
” We should recognise the mirrors of exclusion and mirrors of extremism in our society. The inequalities and disadvantages among visible minorities are also prevalent in the white working class. Political extremism and disengagement is mirrored between white and ethnic minority communities. “
” Our prisons are full of people who are illiterate and innumerate, have been failed by the care system, and often have had a parent in prison. “
” My family has always been proud of being British. “
” More than 300 languages are spoken in London. Religions are freely practiced. Rich and poor live on the same street, side by side. We’ve actually escaped many of the most difficult problems – integration and community cohesion. “
” The best way for people to understand each other’s faith is to share experiences. “
” I get selfies taken everywhere. Everywhere. I can be in A&E, and I’m still getting selfied. It’s nice, though. It’s a nice problem to have. “
” It’s not a bad thing for independent traders to come into a high street to mix things up, but what shouldn’t happen is that the traders who were there before are priced out. “
” If I’m honest, my heart and my belly are saying that you’re more likely to find me in a greasy spoon than a pop-up, but some of this pop-up stuff is great! “
” I used to do stand-up, actually. I had a ten-minute routine I did for a thing called ‘Stand Up for Labour’ where we’d go around different seats and use comedy to raise money. I stopped doing this routine when I started running for mayor. “
” Language is very important. If you are condoning acts of terror… you are giving credibility to a view that is perverse and is wrong. “
” When Pakistan beat England at cricket, my Pakistani cousins remind me how English and British I am. When they say, ‘You’re one of the Queen’s advisers,’ for them it’s, ‘Wow – anything’s possible in the U.K.’ “
” I’ll be my own man and work closely with a Tory Government if it is in London’s interest. “
” As a British Muslim, I am no stranger to prejudice. I know what it’s like to be discriminated against just because of your background or religion. “
” London’s greatest strength is our diversity, and it’s wonderful to see Londoners celebrating our capital’s different traditions, determined to stand up to division. “
” I want our police officers to have the resources and training they need to investigate hate crime fully, and to ensure we have neighborhood police teams that understand and reflect the communities they serve. “
” Immigrant communities have been genuinely accepted in London. “
” All Western cities face significant challenges on social integration. Our populations are booming, but social integration is not keeping pace. Rapid growth is a sign of our success, but it also puts stress on housing, infrastructure – and on communities. “
” Londoners, Mancunians, and Brits across the country will never, ever be cowed by terrorism. “
” When we are faced with adversity, when we are tested on who we are and what we stand for, we always pull together. We stand strong for our values and our way of life. We always have, and I know we always will. “
” All Labour supporters and politicians know that winning elections is extremely difficult, but my first year as mayor of London has taught me that governing – driving change and delivering results – is even harder. “
” I was fully aware of the challenges facing London before I was elected as mayor, but I didn’t anticipate the issue that is likely to define my time as mayor – Brexit. “
” Some people say that rough sleeping has always existed and always will – that there is nothing that can be done to stop it. That is simply not true. “
” London is the greatest city in the world. “
” I see this rise in rough sleeping and homelessness – in one of the wealthiest cities in the world – as a growing source of shame. And as Londoners, as a city, and as a country, I believe we have a moral duty to tackle it head-on. “
” I’ve had the honour of being elected as a Labour councillor, MP and mayor, thanks to the hard work of Labour members, and I believe that the will of our membership should be respected. “
” Jeremy Corbyn is a principled Labour man. “
” Vibrant political parties are vital to the health of our democracy. “
” There is a role that Muslims in the public eye play: to reassure people that we are OK. “
” Anyone who knows me knows that I’m miserable during Ramadan. Some would say I’m miserable all year round, but it does affect my mood. “
” I am deeply humbled by the hope and trust that Londoners have placed in me. I grew up on a council estate just a few miles from City Hall, and I never imagined that Londoners would one day elect someone like me to lead our great capital city. “
” Labour was founded to make the lives of working people better and to create more opportunities for everyone. Whether it’s aspiring to work as a nurse in a hospital or setting up and running your own business, Labour should be about ensuring fairness so that everyone has the same chance in life to reach their goals. “
” Labour has to be a big tent that appeals to everyone – not just its activists. “
” I grew up on a council estate in south London; my dad was a bus driver and my mum sewed clothes to bring in extra money. My parents worked hard and were able to save up and buy a home for our family. “
” If I become mayor of London, my single biggest priority will be to build thousands more homes every year. I will set a target to make half of all the new homes that are built genuinely affordable, with first dibs for Londoners. “
” Every time there is a terrorist incident involving evil fanatics who abuse the name of Islam, ordinary, law-abiding Muslims pay a heavy price. “
” I don’t just empathise with the victims of Islamophobia; I worry about my own friends and family. “
” Being subjected to Islamophobic abuse makes integration less likely and amplifies the views of the extremists rather than the mainstream. It’s divisive and dangerous and puts British lives at risk. “
” Labour is at its best when we understand how the country has changed and we adapt to new circumstances. “
” Like most people, my parents were only able to fulfil their dreams because there was support. A council home so they could save for a deposit to buy a home of their own. Fantastic local state schools where my own daughters go now. Affordable university places and good quality apprenticeships. “
” Opportunity must be underpinned by security – and Labour must offer that security. “
” Labour allowed ourselves to be painted as anti-business for talking about insecurity, when in reality, the opposite was true. “
” Thousands of people’s lives improved in this country through human rights laws. Individual people taking on the all-powerful state and winning. You’d think a very Tory thing to do. Sadly not, under Cameron’s leadership. “
” Labour accepts that the European Court of Human Rights needs reform. “
” Only Labour is in a position to protect individual rights against abuses by the state. “
” You know that running bug people talk about? Well, I’ve been well and truly bitten. “
” I never understood how much running changes your life. I’m now obsessed. When not trying to beat my personal best, I’m talking to other people about theirs, reading training advice or eating the perfect balance of carbs and protein. “
” My morning runs have become one of the only times I have during the week to reflect and take stock. “
” Legal aid gets a bad press. Some rail against handing taxpayers’ money to criminals; others attack fat cat lawyers, while some argue that we spend far more on legal aid than other countries. But let’s get some facts straight: saying that legal aid is just about criminals is wrong – most goes to people before any decision is taken on their guilt. “
” Victims want to know that the true perpetrators of their crime are convicted – legal aid helps achieve this. “
” Legal aid is central to righting wrongs and rectifying injustice. “
” Betting shops have a big impact on encouraging on-street drinking and can often become a centre for disorder and anti-social behaviour. “
” Minority ethnic issues need to be mainstream issues. “
” I welcome an arms race for minority ethnic voters. This will ensure we all raise our game. “
” The U.K. has some of the best protections in law for religious groups in the world. They aren’t perfect, but they provide a strong basis for religious groups to be free from fear of discrimination. I’m proud of this because it underpins what is decent about our country. “